What We Believe


What we believe

    The Universal Negro Improvement Association advocated the uniting and blending of all Negroes into one strong, healthy race.  It is against miscegenation and race suicide.

    It believes that the Negro race is as good as any other, and therefore should be as proud of itself as others are.

    It believes in the purity of the Negro race and the purity of the white race.

    It is against rich blacks marrying poor whites.

    It is against rich or poor whites taking advantage of Negro women.

    It believes in the spiritual Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

    It believes in the social and political physical separation of all peoples to the extent that they promote their own ideals and civilization, with the privilege of trading and doing business with each other.   It believes in the promotion of a strong and powerful Negro nation in Africa.

    It believes in the rights of all men.

Universal Negro Improvement Association
Marcus Garvey, President-General
January 1, 1924

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