The Universal Ethiopian Anthem was written by Burrell and Ford and was accepted into the constitution of The UNIA-ACL as it's anthem.

The Universal Ethiopian Anthem
by Burrell and Ford


Ethiopia, thou land of our fathers,
Thou land where the gods loved to be,
As storm cloud at night suddenly gathers
Our armies come rushing to thee.
We must in the fight be victorious
When swords are thrust outward to gleam;
For us will the vict'ry be glorious
When led by the red, black and green.


Advance, advance to victory,
Let Africa be free;
Advance to meet the foe
With the might
Of the red, the black and the green.


Ethiopia, the tyrant's falling,
Who smote thee upon thy knees,
And thy children are lustily calling
From over the distant seas.
Jehovah, the Great One has heard us,
Has noted our sighs and our tears,
With His spirit of Love he has stirred us
To be One through the coming years.

CHORUS -- Advance, advance, etc.


O Jehovah, though God of ages
Grant unto our sons that lead
The wisdom Thou gave to Thy Sages
When Israel was sore in need.
Thy voice thro' the dim past has spoken,
Ethiopia shall stretch forth her hand
By thee shall all fetters be broken,
And Heav'n bless our dear fatherland.

CHORUS -- Advance, advance, etc.

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