ďWe Must Gain Control of Our African Destiny Now!Ē

Message To The Community October 1, 1995

    Greetings African Brothers and Sisters and all those of African descent, on behalf of the legacy of the Right Excellent Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League of the world (UNIA-ACL), founded by Marcus Garvey and many other Africans in 1914, is still working and today lead by the President General Marcus Garvey Jr., son of our founder. We encourage you to study the works, words, and deeds of Garvey and the UNIA-ACL, as well as take membership with the Grandfather organization of Pan African Nationalism in the 20th Century. The UNIA-ACL blueprint plan is still needed today in order to enhance racial upliftment and African Unity both in the national and international sense.

    As we approach the turn of the century it is very important for us to put in practice the basic prescriptions for African nation building that Marcus Garvey and the UNIA-ACL stressed over 75 years ago.  African Identity/ African Pride/ African Self-Reliance/ African Economic Power/ African Unity/ A powerful  Central Nation in Africa/ and an African Image of God are seven concepts of Garveyism or Universal African Nationalism, which comprise the positive and dynamic agenda for African Racial Reconstruction and the building of African power throughout the world.

      Marcus Garvey was acutely aware that no people could truly be free unless they make a complete break from the culture and institutions of the oppressor.  The system of White Supremacy is designed to continue to mentally enslave, control the world, and exterminate the true majority people of color throughout the world.  How much longer will our Ancestors wait?  How Much longer will our children be Mis-Educated/ Imprisoned and Abused before we awake from apathetic non-action?  Join the UNIA-ACL today.

     Yes, we are the only Interim-Government that organized between 6 to 11 million Africans during the 1920ís and 1930ís, yet yesterday was not the heyday of the UNIA-ACL. Garvey warned us of racial extermination some 60 years ago and we as an African Race are to avoid this onslaught.  We must be clear that the UNIA-ACL Hey Day shall be in the 21st Century. Are You Ready? What are you waiting for?  Join the UNIA-ACL here in the United States of snakes and contribute in this process.  The UNIA-ACL is reaching out to rebuild throughout the world, not only here in the usa.  We are a majority throughout the world and those of us here in the usa must Unite with our African Brothers and Sisters throughout the world.  Africa for Africans, Those at Home and Those Abroad.  Up You Mighty Race We Can Accomplish What We Will! We Must let Africa be our Guiding Star of Destiny!

     Brothers and Sisters we find ourselves today in self-destructive mode mainly because we havenít done the needed work to advance beyond survival.  In fact, if we donít organize, mobilize and close ranks rapidly many of us will be destroyed through systematic exploitation, environmental racism, and genocidal murder.  Power concedes only to Power!  We can no longer allow political machinations and religious scruples to divide us. ONE GOD ONE AIM ONE DESTINY!  African Fundamentalism is needed.  We are Arbiters of Our Own Destiny/ Allegiance to Self First/ Race First is a Must. Man/Woman Know Thyself!

     As we gather towards the Million Man March on October 16th, 1995, and beyond we must close ranks, get better organized and move towards Self Reliance and Self Determination.  Minister Farrakhan made the Call; the March belongs to all Africans.  Marcus, Malcolm, and Martin sacrificed their lives for us and their legacies have laid a solid foundation for us to build upon.  Marcus Garvey organized millions of Africanís; Malcolm X demonstrated true African manhood to us, Martin Luther King JR. marched for truth, justice and equality for Africans born in America.  Now we must combine their works,words, and deeds in order to advance into the 21st Century, realizing all of our shortcomings during the 20th Century.  Despite the ideological differences in these African Ancestors, they sacrificed their personal lives for all of us.  All progressive organizations must close ranks and respect each other in order to gain mass African support from the youth, who are our future.  We can no longer allow egos, selfishness and minor differences to stop our functional and operational Unity.

     There is work for all of us to do.  The system of White Supremacy intends to destroy all of us no matter what organizational affiliations we may have, if any. We must build African-Centered Educational, Political and Social Institutions, which we own and control.  We must be more Self-Reliant in our overall political direction throughout the world.  We must prepare to defend our communities from the internal and external onslaught being waged on us.  We must stop relying on our oppressorís system to serve us, for it is a fact it never will.  Take a good look at our Indian Brothers and Sisters, for we reside in their natural homeland here in the usa.

     Once again, I encourage you to join the UNIA-ACL, we support the demand for Reparations and Repatriation.  Those of us whom donít plan to return to our natural homeland Africa have a right to remain and control their own destiny here.  It is a fact, however, if Africa is not free and under our total control, no Africans anywhere in the world will be free (Africans both at home and abroad).  Our Brothers and Sisters in Brazil, the Caribbean, India, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, etc. are under the same onslaught each and everyday by the evils of systematic exploitation and degradation.  Rise Up African Warriors! RISE UP ARFICAN PEOPLE! Rise Up and use your ancient African Creative Genius to Revolutionize and Mobilize the Movement of the African Mass!  Donít be content with the food of chickens, Rise Up Your Wings and Fly Towards True African Freedom! SANKOFA! Our Children are Crying and Dying! Our Ancestors Are Waiting and Watching!

ďUp You Mighty Race You Can Accomplish What You Will!Ē

 Join the UNIA-ACL or a Race First Organization.

 Senghor Jawara Baye,

                                        District 3 Commissioner MD, DC, VA

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